Car And Time Wait For No One

Car is a vehicle for comfort transportation. Earlier people used to travel in carriages and horses for commuting; the car gave a solution to that slow transportation. Car was initially a luxury means to travel. Only lords and kings used to possess car for transportation. The success of the car made it to spread its wings to be accessible to common men also. Still the luxury factor of the car has not been compromised. There are a number of luxury cars in each model which provide additional support and feature to the car than the usual car. To be termed technically, cars are automobiles with self powered engines used for transportation.

Car – the luxury automobile

Cars were not available easily in the early days. It became quite popular only in the 20th century. The first cars manufactured by ford were accessible to the masses only in the year 1908. America was the first country to embrace the concept of cars in place to the hand driven and animal driven carriages. It took a longer time to be accepted in Western Europe and other poor and developing countries. But later when Europe started to awe at the invention of a car, Germany is the best manufacturer of the car bringing in the Volkswagen. Even though car has so many advantages, it has its own disadvantages of speed and control. Rules must be followed all the time while in a car because of the control not in our hands.

With the recent times various cars have evolved like sports cars, luxury cars, hatchback, salon cars, and mini cars and so on, this gives drivers and car enthusiasts to choose the car for their need and choice. JCW is one such sports car. JCW cars are so popular that they can be seen JCW auto online.

JCW is a British company launched by John Cooper. They produce accessory parts for many brands like BMW and Benz which gave rise to the cute cars, the mini cooper. The JCW kit was an upgrade for the mini cooper. It is 126bhp that is 96kw. The JCW auto parts online purchases are also authentic.

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Report: US Honda Civic Type R Turbo Gets

The United States is always left out of fun after the Civic Type R, which really bothers a number of Honda fans. With news of the next generation of the Type R, eleven people are salivating again for a chance to own such a car. According to sources, the new high-performance Civic somewhere around 320 hp ejects a 2.0-liter four banger turbo.

Although the Type R will probably never sold in (emission standards thank you) countries, there is a consolation prize this time. Is a ratio of MotoryRacing uses the same type of engine R US consumers will be provided. The anonymous source has the scoop that also claims that the engine can not be used in the Civic Si.

What does this mean? The possibility is high that Honda created a new performance version of the Civic, which will be for the North American market. Despite the explanations that the Type R will never, ever eat in the States, there is still a small chance it could consider launching Civic Type R in the United States, that the next generation of the Civic begins in spring 2015 and a final answer the new model comes Turbo could be in the near future.

There is another possibility that the border seems crazy, but it could be true. The dream scenario is that the CR-Z, a car that promised to provide lots of fun and delivered rather poor engine Honda Type R Honda Performance Development recently released a supercharger kit for the CR-Z, Honda unveiled think. A market for a performance two-seater in STI range course type R engine would bring things to a whole new level and measure the car against the likes of the Ford Focus ST, Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Subaru WRX.

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International Association AUTOMOTIVE NAMES SIX LEADERSHIP mind of the woman 2015 winners

Six women were accomplished chosen.SQL recibir industry of the Spirit of Leadership Award 2015 estimated annually by the wife Association International Automotive (Waai) presented in recognition of outstanding achievements professionals, community involvement and editing contributions to growth and the progress of the auto industry.

The winners this year are proprietary various segments of the automotive industry. Celeste Briggs is a director of General Motors Women Retail Network; Luanne Brown is President eToolDevelopers, a member of the Board and President of the SEMA SEMA Cares Committee. Ruth Fruehauf, founder and CEO of Fruehauf Trailer Historical Society, author, singing wheels, a biographical essay for the hundredth anniversary of the founding Freuhauf Trailer Company.

Debbie Pollack, senior strategist luxury automotive marketing, specializing in brand building programs and luxury lifestyle. Elaine Robertazzi, retired and former owner of Liberty Lincoln Mercury, currently serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Clifton, New Jersey. The sixth winner, Susan Scarola, former vice president of DCH Auto Group and from 2008 to Waai Professional Achievement Award, now serves as president of the DCH Charitable Foundation.

The women will be honored at the Spirit of 16 years receiving Leadership Award Saturday, 24 January 2015 05:30 clock – 19:30 on a.muse Gallery in San Francisco, where participants will receive an appearance and Nicola exhibition Woods, the master of the classic automobile paint. The reception will be held in conjunction with the NADA Convention 2015. A portion of the event will be produced Waai the international scholarship program where he helps tuition for qualified students who contributed a career in the automotive industry.

“The women we honor chosen.SQL esta years are not only known for his extraordinary career, but also as role models and mentors in the automotive industry and the community,” said Lorraine Schultz, founder and CEO Waai. “They embody the spirit of leadership, and we are proud to recognize your achievements. We also deep gratitude for our Diamond Sponsor, Car, Kelley Blue Book and Manheim, for their exceptional support of our Spirit of Leadership Awards Reception. ”

Was founded in 1995 and focuses on Waai recognition of women’s achievements in the automotive industry and provides networking and opportunities for strengthening relations and promoting growth through mentoring, education and scholarships.

For more information on receiving awards, including the limited processing and advertising, and to purchase tickets, visit Waai website Or email Lynn Wilhelm, president Waai, or call 248.646.5250.